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Bitmain Antbox N3Bitmain Antbox N3

Bitmain Antbox N3 Mobile Mining Container 40HQ 1300KW Outdoor V1


Product Description

Product name Miner Container
Keyword  Antbox V1
Power  1200KW
Rated voltage  240v/line
Dimensions 1205.8 X 243.8 X 289.6 cm
Weight  5500.00 kg
Operating Temperature  -30 °C – +40 °C
Warranty 365 days
Outdoor Rated



Bitmain Antbox N3 – Buy Bitmain Antbox N3

The Bitmain Antbox is a modular mining container. It uses standard container construction, after connecting electricity and network you can mine bitcoins right away. It can greatly reduce the cost of building a mining farm. It is easy to transport and quick to deploy once it arrives on site.

The Antbox has an internal single-row design and it achieves very good heat dissipation by fan cooling, external curtain wall, and electric shutters. A single Antbox can house 600 units of Antminer S9, 300 units of S19, or 320 Antminer S17 or T17 Series Miners.

Advantages Of Mining Container Bitmain Antbox Mobile Mining

• Increase in overall pool performance
• High Power Efficiency
• On-site inspection and customization
• Portable and ready to use
• Cost-Effective
• Space-saving and safe design
• Complete kit with PDU, wiring, receptacles, ventilation, filters, and control panels.
• Thermal water curtain optional

Requires 5 pcs panel assembly and crane/hydraulic lift placed on a flat concrete or cement slab.

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